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As a Colorado outfitter, you know that having a continual supply of new hunting clientele is the lifeblood of maintaining a successful business. Conversely, depending "solely" upon referrals and repeat customers can be detrimental to your long-term survival.

Through our matching service, prospective hunters submit their personal or group hunting preferences. Our system performs a search for outfitters with matching criteria. The primary criteria used for a search are (a) species of animal, (b) Game Management Unit (most hunters will have no preference), (c) method of take (Archery, Muzzleloader, or Rifle), and (d) maximum budget per hunter. Although we reserve the right to use more restrictive filters in the future, the current filters allow you substantial flexibility.

If you are matched, then you are sent an email entitled "Hunting Lead" and given the option to accept the hunt. If you accept the hunt, you will be sent another email entitled "Hunter Contact Information" so you can contact the hunter to negotiate and book a hunt. If the hunter ultimately chooses you as his or her outfitter and books a hunt, you will then complete the "Confirmation Instructions" on the Hunter Contact Information email for this hunter and send payment per the Terms and Conditions.

Please be aware that some ISPs consider automated email notifications as spam and will automatically place such emails in your spam folder.

The FIRST STEP in this process is that you certify that you currently are and agree to remain in compliance with our Outfitter's Code of Conduct:

  • Legally Compliant. This refers to the many federal, state, and local statutes and regulations that apply. This also includes ensuring that your hunting clientele adhere to the same statutes and regulations.
  • Ethical. Being ethical entertains the broad thought that one must adhere to society's expectations of conduct and duty. Accusations of unethical conduct will be investigated by a "Peer Review Panel," which will consist of no less than three and no more than five experienced hunters of reputable character and integrity.
  • Experienced. You must have a minimum of three (3) years experience of any combination of hunting or guiding for the species of animal for which you are outfitting. If you qualify for one species and not another, our database will only include the ones for which you currently qualify. Once you pass muster on any others, they will be added.
  • Licensed. You must have a Certificate of Registration from Colorado's Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) that is in full force and effect.
  • Permitted. If you provide outfitting services on public land, either Bureau of Land Management (BLM) or National Forest Service (NFS), you are required to possess the appropriate permits.
  • Insured. You must maintain a minimum amount of liability insurance and surety bond (CRS 12-55.5-105(1)(c) and (d)).
  • Recommended. Upon request by a prospective hunter, you agree to immediately provide a minimum of three (3) references from the most recent hunting season for the animal and weapon of choice specified by the prospective hunter. For example, a bowhunter wants to hunt bear next archery season. You must be able to provide references from at least three (3) bowhunters who hunted bear in the previous archery season. If you cannot fulfill this requirement as specified, then provide your references along with a full disclosure explanation. For example, "I guided no archery bear hunters last season; these references are from rifle season two years ago."

The SECOND STEP is that you agree to our Terms and Conditions:

  • Upon request, you agree to provide proof of any required document as it pertains to the Outfitter's Code of Conduct; e.g., liability insurance policy, permits, Outfitter's license, references, etc.
  • Upon booking a hunt, you agree to complete the "Confirmation Instructions" on the email entitled Hunter Contact Information. You agree to pay us a non-refundable ten percent (10%) commission of the total booking fee (within five (5) business days) for the hunting party either by check, money order, or cashier's check. Non-hunting guest fees are to be included in the total booking fee. Mailing address is 651 Clearview Drive; Clifton, CO 81520.
  • If you provide outfitting services in states other than Colorado, you agree to these Terms and Conditions in whatever state or territory you provide the hunt.
  • You agree to not provide any Hunting Lead information to another outfitter. If another outfitter books a hunt from your Hunting Leads, you agree to compensate us per these Terms and Conditions.
  • Upon any accusation of violation of this Outfitter's Code of Conduct, you agree to comply with any request of information so that we may determine the merit of such accusation.
  • You agree that we can modify the Outfitter's Code of Conduct and Terms and Conditions without notice. Before acting upon any Hunting Lead, you warrant that are in compliance with the Outfitters Code of Conduct and agree to the Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to remove you and your business at any time without cause from our Colorado outfitter database and service.

The THIRD STEP is that we will add you to our Colorado outfitter database with the following information: We will soon be adding an interactive screen that will allow you to login and manage your info.

  • Personal contact and business information
  • Species of animals and Game Management Units you hunt
  • Weapons and price ranges


By clicking "I AGREE," you agree to all the foregoing. You will be redirected to an email New Message page - please submit your (a) Name, (b) Outfitter Business Name, (c) Outfitter License Number, (d) Phone Number, and (e) Email Address. We will contact you as soon as possible. FYI: We are revamping this section of the website to make it more user-friendly for outfitters. So, if you find something that looks out of place, please be patient. Thanks.