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Menu -- Located at the bottom of the website is our Sponsor Menu, which contains a general categorical listing for Sponsors. If your business type does not fit within an existing category, we’ll create one. A Sponsor may place an ad (75 word max) that describes the business, products, services, etc. along with a hyperlink to the business’ website and/or Facebook page.

Block -- The website’s right column (sidebar) hosts administrative links and Sponsor logos, aka Blocks. A Sponsor’s logo may have a maximum width of 140 pixels and a height that does not exceed 1.5x the width. The logo will be hyperlinked to either the Sponsor’s website or Facebook page.

Header -- At the top of the website are three header logos. Sponsor logos are currently on the far right, rotating every few seconds, and will be hyperlinked to either the Sponsor’s website or Facebook page. Logo measurements are 317 pixels (width) x 194 pixels (height).

Swap -- Subject to our acceptance, a Sponsor is permitted to swap product(s) for any other option. The term of the listing will be determined by (1) the product’s advertised retail price “divided by” (2) the monthly cost or unit price of the chosen Sponsorship Option; (3) all remainder dropped. It is the Sponsor’s sole responsibility to ensure the product arrives undamaged. If not, Sponsor agrees to bear the financial burden of returning the product. We retain the right to use the product as desired. Currently, all products are given to Facebook members via Promotions to enhance Facebook and website membership and growth. Although we may include Sponsor information and hyperlinks in the Promotion, it is based solely on our discretion and not considered part of this agreement.

Facebook -- This is a pay/post (Ad) option. Ads placed during the off-season (Feb-Jun) are $25/post, during the shoulder season (Jan and Jul) is $50/post, and during the prime season (Aug-Dec) is $75/post. Ads are typically placed in conjunction with other posts to increase exposure, but not with any other ad, sponsorship event or contest.



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__ Menu: $25/month __ Block: $50/month __ Header: $100/month
__ Swap Facebook: __ $25/Post · __ $50/Post · __ $75/Post


This Sponsorship Agreement, executed on the Date shown below by and between The Colorado Hunter LLC, hereinafter referred to as Company, and ___________________________________, hereinafter referred to as Customer, both being referred to as Parties, agree to transact business as described in “Sponsorships” page, “A. Sponsor Information,” “B. Sponsorship Package,” and “C. Terms & Conditions,” all of which shall be referred to as Agreement. If a court of competent jurisdiction shall render any provision of Agreement unenforceable, invalid, or void, then all remaining provisions of Agreement shall remain enforceable. 

1. Company agrees to provide the services as indicated in Agreement.

2. Customer agrees to provide a Logo that meets the specifications for the Sponsorship Option chosen.

3. Customer acknowledges that this is a monthly contract with a ten (10) day free-look period beginning on the Date. Customer may pay for any number of months in advance. Nothing in this Agreement or the lack of progress in completing any provision of this Agreement shall alter, hinder, or delay the free-look period. During the free-look period, the Customer may demand a total refund of all monies paid by sending an email request to admin@thecoloradohunter.com or by calling the Company. After the free-look period, Customer acknowledges that there are no refunds in any form for any month that has started accruing beginning at midnight on the first day of the month.

4. Customer acknowledges that payments are due no later than the first day of each month. After five business days, disregarding weekends, Company shall remove all information about Customer from its website and reserves the right whether or not to subsequently renew this Agreement. If the Company agrees to renew this Agreement, the Company has the option to require the Customer to make a no-refund pre-payment for up to three months.

5. At the beginning of each calendar year, Customer has the option to renew this Agreement by continuing to pay the current monthly amount. If not, Company shall remove all information about Customer from its website.

6. The Company reserves the right to change, modify, or alter any of the terms of this Agreement at any time without notification or effect to current Customers. Customers wanting to renew this Agreement shall sign a new Agreement at the beginning of the next calendar year. If not, Company shall remove all information about Customer from its website.

7. Parties agree that any creative work by Company shall remain proprietary property of Company. Parties agree to communicate with each other in a timely manner to secure a quick resolution to problems, answer questions, make additional requests, etc. Parties agree that disputes arising under this Agreement, which are not resolved between Parties, shall be resolved with binding arbitration through the American Arbitration Association.

8. Company reserves the right to not renew or to not enter into an Agreement with any Customer at any time without cause or reason.


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